About us

First self-service and service laundry service in Kaštela

Cash & peri is the first self-service and service laundry service in Kaštela. Your laundry will be washed and dried with the latest generation of technologically perfected LG devices. In a simply designed ambiance we have created for you a relaxing atmosphere while we wash, dry and iron your laundry in such a professional manner that you will never again wish to do it yourself.

There are numerous reasons for wanting to use this laundry service – we are the only self-service and service laundry in Kaštela; we will save your time and make your vacation more carefree; we will dry your laundry regardless of weather conditions; you will have the opportunity to meet other users of our laundry service among whom there are tourists who vacation in Kaštela and the surroundings. In addition, in our laundry service we pay special attention to the environment by spending the very minimum of water and energy, as well as by using eco-friendly detergents. 

Laundry clean, love without a scene


In a five-year period become a small family company, which is known for the highest quality of service, creativity and innovation; a company that takes care of its clients and promotes a positive work environment.


Become a desirable employer, an irreplaceable partner to our clients, and a useful contributor to our community.